Postdoctoral position at INRA Nancy

This position has been closed to new applicants.


Postdoctoral Position in Modelling Carbon Allocation and Tree Hydraulics (INRA Nancy, France)

We are looking for a postdoc to model carbon allocation and tree hydraulics. The position is within the European project ForRisk, which studies the interactions of drought and tree population density on the resistance and resilience of tree growth of Norway spruce (Picea abies) and silver fir (Abies alba). It combines a large dataset from long-term experimental management stands in Germany, France and Switzerland with a mechanistic ecosystem model and a forest succession model including forest management and ecosystem services, yielding economic risk-assessment at different spatial and temporal scales.

The postdoc will provide mortality rates for the risk-assessment model ForClim (Rasche et al. 2011) by modelling tree mortality with the ecosystem model MuSICA (Ogée et al. 2003) under different forest management strategies and climate change scenarios. MuSICA is among the most advanced multi-layer soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer (SVAT) models, based on ecophysiological process representations and includes, among others, species competition for a limited number of resources such as light and water. The postdoc will enhance MuSICA by incorporating carbon allocation including carbohydrate stores, yielding carbon starvation during drought, as well as tree hydraulics, which may lead to hydraulic failure during drought.

ForRisk combines researchers from the NFZ.forestnet that connects six research institutions from Nancy (France), Freiburg (Germany) and Zurich (Switzerland). The postdoc will work with the partner institutions, forming the link between the data-centred work packages and the economic risk-assessment tool. S/he will also work closely with the main developer of the ecosystem model in Bordeaux (J Ogée). MuSICA is written in Fortran. Strong programming skills are required.

The position is based at INRA Nancy (France) in the Joint Research Unit (UMR 1137) of Forest Ecology and Ecophysiology (EEF). It is for a duration of three years, starting as soon as possible. Salary level will correspond to “Chargé de Recherches, 1ère classe”.

Applications to Matthias Cuntz (matthias.cuntz (at) should include a CV, the publication list, a letter of motivation, as well as telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of possible references. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Matthias Cuntz
INRA Centre de Nancy
UMR1137 Ecologie et Ecophysiologie Forestières
Rue d’Amance
54280 Champenoux
Tel: +33 (0)3 83 39 73 03
E-Mail: matthias.cuntz (at)


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